Dance is art in motion, you can only truly understand it’s importance if you enjoy the thrill of movement in any capacity. Projects such as Sylph have highlighted the importance and dynamics that dance has brought to this project as being part of ART, dance is sometimes  forgotten in the arts culture world. Dance is art in motion and once you understand the joy of movement you will understand that Dance is indeed ART. Before we walk we move to music. Dance is apart of human nature. One must embrace movement and look at installations such as Sylph as a dance art installation where dance is part of the ART and not a separate component. Dance merges with all art forms, Dance Artistry. 

 Stephanie J. Hellewell (Baird) dance artist based in Orkney 


Dance is a vital part of the arts culture here in Orkney. 
Stephanie is building networks with other artists based in Orkney to develop an understanding of creative dance practice to support the future of dance artistry for Orkney. 

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Stephaine J Hellewell (Baird)

Curriculum Vitae

Move Orkney Dance Studio 

George street 



KW17 1PP

077122 27093

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  1. MSc in Dance Science and Education at the university of Edinburgh at present, part time studies. 

  2. Silver Swans Licensed teacher,  RAD 2021

  3. Yoga trapeze registered teacher and qualified teacher 2021 

  4. Aerial Pilates teacher certification 2021

  5. Progression Ballet Technique certification 2020

  6. Acrobatic arts certification 2020

  7. Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies (DDTS) faculty of education2014-2016 RAD 

  8. Registered Teachers Status RTS with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

  9. Mat based Pilates level 3 certification 

  10. HND in professional stage dance Edinburgh’s Telford College 2004-2007

  11. Intermediate foundation ballet exam RAD 

  12. RAD graded exams 1-6 

  13. Higher in dance 2000-2002 age 12


Stephanie has been teaching dance education for 15 years based in Orkney. Stephanie is undertaking her MSc in dance science and education at present from the university of Edinburgh, Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies (DDTS) faculty of education Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Registered Teachers Status RTS with the RAD, Silver Swans License promoting clear understanding of Aerial Yoga.

Stephanie is a dance studio owner delivering Classical ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, highland, acrobatic arts and many more Genre of dance within her studio. the age range that benefits from her teaching practice from 12 months to 100 years as the studio offers recreational dance levels. Stephanie’s pedagogical values are particularly important to the early years, junior and senior dance programs run at move Orkney. Clear inclusive strategies are the dance studies focus. With 230 students attending move Orkney each week we feel that dance is becoming a real art focus within the Orkney arts scene.  

Move Orkney dance studio founded and run by Stephanie are in partnership with Edinburgh college PASS and are now running semi-professional courses in dance and musical theatre at the move Orkney studio, thus allowing young adults the chance to train within the creative industries.

Stephanie is also a dance artist and has supported creative dance projects, residencies, and sights specific work in Orkney over her 15 years of teaching and support creative dance practice in Orkney. 

Professional work 

Stef has worked on many small youth projects in the past and Stephanie is now working on a residency and is collaborating with another local artist regarding the Orkney landscape, Japanese poetry and many other aspects to create 4 visual dance installations. One of the visual videos has just been submitted to screen dance 2021 and has been shortlisted for this coming screen dance festival. With two more residencies in the pipeline Stef is keen to build a collaborative arts environment and support for dance artistry in Orkney. Building the value of creative dance, dance artistry and community dance practice is really important to stefs values as an artist.


Stephanie offers mentoring to BA honours in dance and drama students in dance artistry, creative dance practice, community dance practice and understanding of pedagogy along with a work experience within the move Orkney studio regarding content and delivery of a creative project, academic studies community projects and so on. 

Future prospects 

Stephanie is in the process of looking into the uptake of her PhD, Stef is interested in dance and the importance dance offers to a rural community to support the value of dance and support mental health and well-being. What are the benefits of dance within rural setting, How can dance artists thrive in the rural setting.

Stephanie would like to work with other artists to build her creative process and build more opportunities for artistic collaboration, learning and development of creative work. Along with continuously building a value for dance artistry in Orkney.